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    English Premier League score prediction contest.

    Download now and start predicting!


EPL Reflex has both global and friends leaderboard. See where you stand among your friends in predicting the scores.


EPL Reflex gives you free coins every Monday to wager on upcoming EPL fixtures. There is no need to purchase anything. If however you want to quickly climb up the leaderboard, you can purchase coins and wager more.

iOS and Android

EPL Reflex is available on both iOS and Android. Just login with the same credentials, choose a fixture, predict a score and wager!

Multiple ways to Login

You can login with Facebook, Google or just simply using your Email or Phone. Your coins are linked to your credentials.

Engaging gameplay!

Even when your prediction goes wrong, you win coins for predicting accurate home or away goals, result or margin of victory.


You get live notifications for each goal, telling you how many coins you might win.